As an architectural studies major, you will have the opportunity to take courses in all four academic divisions of the campus: arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

A five-course core is required of every major and includes a foundations course in studio art, a two-semester survey on the history of architecture, an advanced seminar and an integrative project. Working closely with your faculty adviser, you will also select at least seven additional courses from a list of approved electives, developing a course of study that is best suited to your interests.

First-year students contemplating a major in architectural studies should take AHI 121 (offered only in the fall semester), AHI 123 (offered only in the spring semester), and either Art 101, 102 or 103 (offered in both semesters).

Approved electives in the major include:

  • ARC 241: Architectural Design Studio
  • ARC 261: Landscape Architecture Design Studio
  • PHI 228 Thinking Philosophically About the Environment
  • PSY 320: Environmental Psychology
  • SOC 264: Urban Sociology
  • ES 110: Environmental Studies

See the college catalog for course descriptions and a complete list of courses approved as architectural studies electives.