Phi Beta Kappa, Delta of Connecticut, sponsors a scholarship to support alumni of Connecticut College who are attending graduate school.

All alumni, including members of the senior class, are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is not a requirement.

The number of scholarships awarded each year and the size of each scholarship varies with the quality of the applications and the amount of money donated to the fund each year by members of the Delta chapter.

Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Application 2024 in PDF Format

Deadline for submission: April 22, 2024.

Each candidate for the scholarship submits a short essay describing his or her planned post-graduate work; a curriculum vitae; a letter of recommendation from an adviser, professor, or employer; and an outline of anticipated expenses (tuition, books, etc.), resources (loans, savings, etc.) and present indebtedness.

Applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee, which consists of four members of the Delta chapter and is chaired by the chapter vice president. In deciding to whom to award the scholarship, the committee is guided by the Phi Beta Kappa motto, and therefore looks for applications that show a commitment to making "love of learning the guide to life." Students pursuing degrees in the arts, humanities and sciences generally will be preferred, as will those working toward the Ph.D., and those with more limited financial resources.

After making its choice, the committee submits its recommendation to the full membership for approval at the spring meeting.

For more information, contact Professor Joseph Alchermes,