The Office of Sustainability and other offices at the College have partnered with the following organizations on events, student internships, and community service projects to advance sustainability in our region.

United Way of Southeastern Connecticut and Safe Futures

Established in 2010, Give 'N Go is a partnership between Connecticut College, the United Way of Southeastern Connecticut and Safe Futures (a domestic and sexual abuse shelter and transitional living program). At the end of the school year students are able to donate clothing, furniture, appliances, and food as they move out of the residence houses. The United Way and Safe Futures work with the Office of Sustainability to run an "agency pick-up day" when local community organizations can come and take items they need for their operations for free. Leftover items are stored until the start of the next school year for use by first-year students. Volunteers and staff from the College and from United Way and Safe Futures work together to plan and implement this annual program. In May 2017, the program collected 11,000 pounds of donations.

FRESH New London

Through Connecticut College's Office of Community Partnerships, work study students are paid with College funds to work as community gardeners at FRESH New London, a local urban farm. FRESH (Food: Resources, Education, Security, Health) New London is a holistic response to hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity. The organization promotes and builds local resources to meet local needs. It pursues its mission through food and agriculture projects, in the fields of experiential education for ecological literacy and health; training for community and individual self-reliance; promotion of improved community management of natural resources; economic opportunities through local agriculture (including youth entrepreneurship); innovative distribution and marketing of locally grown food; and cultivation of the next generation of youth leaders. FRESH focuses its effort in building a vibrant local food system and a model of a food secure community. Work study students provide support with farm projects including planting and harvesting, farm planning, assisting with office clerical work and working with the FRESH After-School Programs around New London to recruit and educate youth about nature and community gardening.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

The national sustainability in higher education organization, AASHE, administers STARS (Sustainability Tracking and Rating System) and provides a platform for higher education institutions to share their ideas, projects, and experiences. Connecticut College is an instutitional member of AASHE, and anyone with a email address can access its members only resources. Every three years the College will be submitting a STARS report to receive a rating. Our first submission, in March 2018, received a Silver rating from AASHE.

Hodges Square Village Association (HSVA)

The Hodges Square Village Association (HSVA) is a local business and residential nonprofit organization dedicated to the revitalization and quality of life of the Hodges Square area in New London. The Office of Sustainability works closely with the group on the revitalization efforts and has created a Hodges Square Village Association Fellow position to assist the HSVA with their ongoing efforts and to help develop strategies that promote students to engage with the Hodges Square community and businesses. 

New London County Food Policy Council (NLCFPC) 

The New London County Food Policy Council, which is not actively meeting currently, united farmers, consumers, food banks and other organizations to transform the region’s food system for improved health outcomes through policy advocacy and program innovation, alignment and support. The partnership with the NLCFPC has taken the form of a designated intern, social media and communication support, joint grant proposals and meetings hosted on campus.