Mohammad Khan, science leader at Connecticut College High School: Conard High School, West Hartford, Conn.

Connecticut College Major: Computer Science; potential minors: Economics, Astronomy

Research: Researching Artificial Intelligence methods of learning, specifically Artificial Neural Networks. In progress towards creating a potentially commercial product that is expandable or adjustable with dynamic hyper-parameters and which can learn via backpropagation.

Work: Business analyst and software development intern at The Hartford Financial during the summer of 2015.

Accomplishments/ Activities:

- Computer Science Student Advisory Board President
- Teaching Assistant for Data Structures and Robotics seminar
- IT Service Desk assistant
- Connecticut College Emerging Leader
- Men of Color Alliance Member
- Club basketball

Future Plans: Continue developing passion in the field of Computer Science in an interdisciplinary fashion while building a knack for excellent implementation strategies. Hopes to work right out of undergraduate study in innovative atmospheres where products have large-scale impacts. Also thinking of obtaining a Ph.D. in the discipline much later in the future once a career in software engineering and experience with start-up like environments are both well established. Passionate about applications of software and the Internet of Things. Wants to focus on education, social services, and poverty alleviation.