Gabriela Lopez, Science Leader, Connecticut College High School: DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx, New York

Connecticut College Major: Behavioral Neuroscience; Premed

Minor: Dance


Medical Volunteer for Maximo Nivel, San Jose, Costa Rica (Summer 2014)
Healthcare Intern at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Special Care Center, Bronx, NY (Summer 2013)
Research Intern at the Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine (Summer 2012)
Student Intern at the Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY (Summer 2011)

Academic Year Science-Related Activities

Independent study with Dr. Joseph Schroeder
Research Assistant for the Neuroscience Department
Paramedic Internship Program with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital (Fall 2012 – Spring 2013)


Lopez, G. C., Ngbokoli, M., Honohan, J. C., Markson, R. H., Cameron, L., Bantis, K. S., Luner, E., Schroeder, J. A. "Comparison of conditioned place preference and progressive ratio operant conditioning to high fat/sugar foods: Correlation with nucleus accumbens c-Fos expression." Society for Neuroscience Conference 2014, Fall 2014

Cameron, L., Honohan, J.C., Markson, R.H., Bantis, K.S., Lopez, G.C., Luner, L., Schroeder, J.A. "Nucleus accumbens c-Fos expression is correlated with conditioned place preference to cocaine, morphine and high fat/sugar food consumption." NEURON Conference, Spring 2014

Honohan, J.C., Markson, R.H., Bantis, K.S., Lopez, G.C., Schroeder, J.A."A comparison of conditioned place preference to high-fat/sugar food versus cocaine and morphine." NEURON Conference, Spring 2013

Tadenev, A.L.D., Fuerst, P.G., Lopez, G.C., Burgess, R.W. "The role of DSCAMs in visual function in the mouse." FASEB Science Research Conference, Summer 2012

Lopez, G.C., Tadenev, A.L.D., Burgess, R.W. "The Effect of DSCAM Mutations on Mouse Vision." Bar Harbor, Maine, Summer 2012


Freer International Scholarship Award (Summer 2014)

The Science Leaders Scholarship funded by the National Science Foundation (Fall 2011 – Present)

UFT Scholarship Award (Fall 2011 – Present)

Whitney M. Young Scholarship Award (Fall 2011)

Other Accomplishments

Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS) Fellow
Senior Admission Fellow
Admission Ambassador
Representative of the Psychology and Neuroscience Student Advisory Board
Unity House ALANA Big Sib

Future Plans

After Connecticut College, I plan to conduct research for a year or two prior to taking the MCAT. Following research, I plan to attend medical school to pursue and M.D./Ph.D or M.D. in Neurology/Neuroscience.