74 Camels named to NESCAC Spring All-Academic Team

Winthrop Scholar Andrew Majkut '14 is one of 74 student-athletes named to the NESCAC Spring All-Academic Team.
Winthrop Scholar Andrew Majkut '14 is one of 74 student-athletes named to the NESCAC Spring All-Academic Team.

A three-time NCAA champion, a Winthrop Scholar and a boatload of sailors are among the 74 Connecticut College student-athletes named to the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Spring All-Academic Team.

To be honored, a student-athlete must have reached sophomore academic standing and be a varsity letter winner with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.35. A transfer student must have completed one year of study at the institution.

“It was a successful season, in the classroom and on the courts, fields, the track and in the water,” said Fran Shields, the Christoffers Director of Athletics and chair of physical education.







The members of the 2014 NESCAC Spring All-Academic Team are:

Nicole Adam ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                            

Ashley Amey ’16, Women's Water Polo

Billy Barnes ’15, Men's Outdoor Track & Field  

Jeff Basch ’15, Men's Tennis                             

Ariana Beers ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field

Kim Bolick ’15, Sailing

Jordan Bothwick ’15, Sailing                              

Ari Brenner ’15, Men's Rowing

Natalie Calhoun ’16, Women's Rowing

Alex Cammarata ’14, Women's Outdoor Track & Field

Alexis Cheney ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                          

Mike Clougher ’15, Men's Rowing                      

Lindsay Cook ’15, Women's Rowing                  

Caroline Cranna ’16, Women's Rowing

Allisa Dalpe ’16, Women's Lacrosse

Aaron Davis ’14, Men's Outdoor Track & Field

Ryan Dean ’16, Men's Outdoor Track & Field   

Brad DeMarco ’16, Men's Outdoor Track & Field  

Casey Domine ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                          

Katie Dubois ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                             

Liz Dubovik ’15, Sailing                                     

Haley Dumke ’14, Women's Lacrosse                

Sarah Fishman ’15, Women's Rowing

Ben Friedman ’16, Men's Tennis                            

Andrew Fritschi ’16, Men's Lacrosse                      

Carter Funkhouser ’15, Men's Rowing                    

Emily Goldstein ’14, Women's Rowing

Val Goldstein ’14, Women's Rowing                       

Dan Gossels ’16, Men's Outdoor Track & Field      

Jack Griffin ’15, Men's Lacrosse

Mia Haas-Goldberg ’16, Women's Rowing              

Heidi Halsted ’15, Women's Lacrosse

Charlotte Hecht ’16, Women's Rowing                  

Alix Israel ’15, Sailing                                            

Myra Jacobs ’15, Women's Tennis                         

Aneeka Kalia ’16, Women's Tennis

Tori Kenyon ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                            

Bryce Kopp ’16, Sailing

Anna Laurence ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field

Michael LeDuc ’14, Men's Outdoor Track & Field

Caroline Leonard ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field

Max Luing ’16, Men's Lacrosse

Andrew Majkut ’14, Men's Outdoor Track & Field

Maggie Maloney ’16, Women's Lacrosse

Charlotte Marcoux ’16, Women's Tennis

Kevin Martland ’14, Sailing

Izzy Marx ’14, Women's Lacrosse                         

Esther Mehesz ’15, Women's Water Polo              

James Messina ’14, Men's Lacrosse

Sam McKeown ’16, Men's Outdoor Track & Field  

Kelsey Millward ’16, Women's Water Polo            

Kieran Morris ’15, Men's Lacrosse

Sam Pierce ’16, Women's Water Polo

Eliza Price ’14, Sailing

Ian Rathkey ’14, Men's Outdoor Track & Field      

David Rex ’14, Sailing

Meghan Olt ’16, Women's Rowing                         

Monica Rohrbach ’14, Women’s Tennis

Alexandra Romagnoli ’15, Sailing

Chad Sawyer ’15, Men's Lacrosse

IG Schottlaender ’14, Sailing                                  

Sophie Sharps ’16, Women's Rowing

KJ Sinclair ’15, Men's Lacrosse

Jeff Smith ’16, Men's Lacrosse

Steve Sousa ’15, Men's Lacrosse

Emma Straus ’16, Women's Rowing

Kate Sullivan ’16, Women's Rowing                       

Taylor Thomas ’15, Women's Lacrosse

Will Tucker ’14, Men's Tennis

Elly VanZanten ’14, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                        

Blake Wieczorek ’15, Men's Lacrosse

Niall Williams ’16, Men's Outdoor Track & Field   

Emily Winter ’16, Women's Outdoor Track & Field                           

Abbey Wrobleski ’16, Women's Water Polo          

June 23, 2014