Students rise to a cappella singing challenge

When Kadeem McCarthy ’15 heard the new Lorde album, the avid singer decided to issue his fellow students a challenge: Put on an all-group, all-Lorde a cappella concert in just 25 days.

All seven a cappella groups on campus accepted, and nearly 400 Connecticut College students turned out to enjoy the concert earlier this month.

C.J. Robinson, who attended to support several of his friends and to enjoy what he knew would be a good show, said that one particular song, “Bravado,” performed by the co-ed group Conn Artists, was so good it gave him chills. “I was completely hooked on the song for about a week after the show,” he said.

McCarthy, a member of the all-male Co Co Beaux, said he chose Lorde songs for the challenge because the New Zealand singer/ songwriter, best known for her pop hit “Royals,” is an up-and-coming artist whose songs lend themselves well to a cappella. “Not to mention she is just awesome,” McCarthy said.

A cappella is very popular at Connecticut College, and the all-group and single-group performances tend to draw large crowds. McCarthy said this is the first time in recent memory that all groups have come together in such a short amount of time to perform work by a single artist, and he was excited to have the overwhelming support of the student body.

“A cappella has easily been the best part of my college experience thus far, and it’s simply because in a cappella, you’re a part of something you love with people who share the same passion,” McCarthy said.

Every fall, the student-run groups host a weeklong signup period, during which they recruit interested students to audition.

The performances at the “Lorde A Cappella Challenge” were filmed and posted to YouTube by film studies major Trey Chapman ’16. They are:

“A World Alone,” performed by Williams Street Mix,

“Bravado,” performed by Conn Artists,

“Buzzcut Season,” performed by Conn Chords,

"Ribs," performed by Miss Connduct (no video available),

“Team,” performed by The Shwiffs,

“The Love Club,” performed by Vox Cameli and

“White Teeth Teens,” performed by Co Co Beaux.

November 21, 2013