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Meet the Captain: Emily Hunter '13

Emily Hunter '12
Emily Hunter '12
As the water polo season starts up again, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Emily Hunter, Class of 2012, three year captain and recipient of All-Conference and All-American honors. Emily, from Cheshire, Conn. and alumnus of Choate, talked about her history with the sport and her hopes for the upcoming season. A competitive swimmer beginning at age eight, she has been in and around the pool ever since. Upon reaching Choate, she decided to try her hand at water polo, and never looked back. After a very successful high school career, a chance meeting with the Connecticut College coach JJ Addison just before her senior year resulted in her eventual matriculation here at Connecticut College. Her college career has been nothing short of remarkable, as she has been a three year captain and received both All-Conference and All-American honors. She said her personal career high point was the 2011 season, when she was awarded those honors. For the upcoming season, Emily is very excited about the team's prospects, as they lost no players from last year and have a very promising freshman class that will be bolstering their ranks. She looks forward to the challenge of, as a captain, fostering a team environment that encourages unselfish team play, which she says will be the deciding factor for success this season. There was a fire in her eyes when she mentioned that she looked forward to employing this ‘team first' mentality to take down one of their bitterest rivals, Wheaton College, who beat Connecticut College last year by one goal scored in the final second of the game. She says that Connecticut College is looked at as an underdog in the league, and she looks forward to the team asserting itself this year and ensuring the Connecticut College is given the proper respect it deserves. She mentioned that with the quality of players that this team possesses, she has her sights set on a top three spot. There is no doubt that Women's Water Polo here at Connecticut College have an axe to grind, and we look forward to seeing our squad show just dangerous a Camel can be in the water on their way to the top. -Max Nichols '14

March 16, 2012

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