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Seven Questions with Margaret Thayer ´10

Margaret Thayer ´10
Margaret Thayer ´10
In the classroom and as a team tri-captain in track and field, Margaret Thayer ´10 of Littleton, Colo. is striving to compete at the highest level as a multi-talented NESCAC student-athlete. This Saturday, Thayer and the Camels will host the Silfen Invitational in New London. Margaret Thayer ´10 Littleton, Colo. Anthropology-Dean´s High Honors Student When did you start competing in track & field events? I first became interested in track and field during my high school years. As a freshman I had joined the cross country team, where I became part of a close knit and competitive group of runners. At that time, the athletic program at the small private school I attended did not include track and field, but the idea of starting a team quickly became something we wanted to pursue. Our cross country team was lucky enough to have an exceptional assistant coach who was also knowledgeable in coaching various track and field events, so he encouraged the idea and even agreed to be head coach. By my junior year, track became part of our athletic program, and I have been interested in both running and jumping events ever since. Why Connecticut College? By the time I began my college search, I was already aware of Connecticut College because much of my extended family lives in Connecticut and other areas of New England. More importantly though, I heard a great deal about Connecticut College from my older sister Farrell, who enrolled with the class of 2009 while I was still a senior in high school. I have to admit that one of the biggest reasons why I chose to come here was to attend the same school as my sister, whom I have always been extremely close with. Aside from that, I was really drawn to the smaller size of the school, as well as the opportunity for me to balance my academic interests with continued participation in varsity athletics. What has been the most satisfying aspect of the student athlete experience for you at Connecticut College? For me the most satisfying part about the student athlete experience at Connecticut College is the way in which it allows me to be a part of a team that is constantly working towards a unified and greater goal. Being a student athlete has helped me to strengthen important skills, both physically and mentally, which I think are applicable in several other aspects of my life. In addition to this, and as you would likely find amongst any athletic group here, the track team is composed of some real characters who create an enjoyable and oftentimes humorous environment to be in, which I find provides a great outlet from the everyday norm. What is your most memorable moment? My most memorable moment on the track team came during my sophomore outdoor season. After being coached for my first three seasons by an assistant coach who was outstanding track and field competitor, I really began to improve my abilities in the long jump. At our home meet, I jumped nearly 17 feet. The next day, my coach gave me a 3x5 note card on which she had drawn a four inch line. Underneath that line, it read "This is how much further you need to break the outdoor record and move to second on the all-time list." Personally, this was a really meaningful way for my coach to express to me how much progress I had made and how close I was to accomplishing something substantial. I still have that note card. Have you set any individual goals for yourself or team goals as a leader and captain as you head toward the home stretch and championship season? One of my biggest goals for the 2010 outdoor season is to improve my marks with every meet. Maintaining focus during each workout is one aspect of training I am striving for so that I have the ability to jump farther and higher each time I compete. Equally as important to this though, is my goal of bringing positive and constructive leadership to our team. What other clubs/organizations are you involved in at the College? I am a part of the student advisory board for Anthropology, which works closely with faculty members to develop and expand the department. As far as additional hobbies, music has continued to be an important part of my experiences at Connecticut College. I play the cello and piano, and I actively engage in groups and events on campus that allow me to continue my playing and performance of both instruments. What are your plans after graduation? As of right now I am uncertain of where I will be after graduation. I can say that jobs, graduate school, and The Peace Corps are at least part of the picture.

April 14, 2010

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