About LGBTQIA life at Conn

Connecticut College prides itself on being a queer-friendly community. We work hard to ensure students of all sexes, genders and sexual orientations feel safe and supported. 

Conn's queer community is supported by active student groups, a safe and welcoming LGBTQIA Center, an activist center director, a diverse academic program and a number of campus-wide policies and services. The College offers gender-inclusive housing, gender-inclusive restrooms, a preferred name option and a student health plan that includes comprehensive coverage for transgender healthcare.

What we offer

Academic life

  • LGBTQIA-specific course offerings
  • Gender-inclusive/single occupancy restroom facilities in academic settings
  • New faculty/staff training opportunities on sexual orientation issues
  • New faculty/staff training opportunities on gender identity issues

Student life

  • Student organizations for LGBTQIA and ally students
  • Resource center/office with responsibilities for LGBTQIA students
  • Paid staff with responsibilities for LGBTQIA and ally support services
  • Ally program or Safe Space/ Safe Zone
  • Regularly plans LGBTQIA social activities
  • Regularly plans educational events on sexual orientation issues
  • Regularly plans education events on transgender issues

Counseling and health services

  • Student health plan that includes comprehensive coverage for transgender healthcare
  • LGBTQIA inclusive counseling/support groups
  • LGBTQIA inclusive health services/testing

Campus safety

  • Procedure for reporting LGBTQIA-related bias incidents and hate crimes
  • Trains campus police on sexual orientation issues
  • Trains campus police on gender identity/expression issues

Policies and practices

  • Non-discrimination statement inclusive of sexual orientation
  • Non-discrimination statement inclusive of gender identity/expression
  • Health insurance coverage to employees’ same sex partner
  • Accessible, simple process for students to change their name and gender identity on university records and documents
  • Standing advisory committee that deals with LGBTQIA issues

Housing and residence life

  • Transgender student options to be housed in keeping with their gender identity/expressions
  • Gender-inclusive/single occupancy restroom facilities in campus housing
  • Trains residence life and housing staff at all levels on LGBTQIA issues and concerns

Recruitment and retention efforts

  • LGBTQIA mentoring program to welcome and assist LGBTQIA students in transitioning to academic and college life
  • LGBTQIA and ally student scholarships
  • Active LGBTQIA alumni group
  • Special Lavender or Rainbow Graduation ceremony for LGBTQIA students/ allies
  • Active participation in LGBTQIA admission fairs

Interested in joining our community?

Check out the information for incoming students and email lgbtqia@conncoll.edu with any questions. We'd love to meet you — stop by the LGBTQIA Center in Burdick House during your campus visit!