Information Security Office 

The purpose of any organization's Information Security Office is to ensure that the organization's information and systems are effectively safeguarded in a manner compliant with its legal and contractual obligations. The ISO team works in partnership with the College, as well as external entities, to help ensure that Connecticut College is exposed only to acceptable risks within its educational, research, and community outreach missions.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining information security policies
  • Identifying and responding to incidents
  • Recommending network and security device configuration changes
  • Assisting College personnel in the development of effective technological and procedural strategies for
    • Identifying and addressing information risk
    • Complying with information security-related legal and contractual obligations
  • Promoting information security awareness among faculty, staff, students and other members of the Connecticut College community through:
    • An information security-focused web site
    • Formal training sessions
    • Campaigns and promotional materials
  • Monitoring compliance with the Colleges information security-related policies and its legal and contractual obligations
  • Ensuring that any weaknesses in the College's information defenses are promptly and appropriately remediated

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