The Connecticut College Technology Fellows Program (TFP) was a unique 1.5-year program that ran from 2014-2018 in order to help faculty explore how digital technologies can be used to deepen pedagogical objectives, enhance student learning, and improve the classroom experience. The program was replaced in 2018 by the Digital Scholarship Fellows program. 

Over the three-semester program, Fellows attended regular workshops, researched applicable technologies, innovated their curricula, and develop methods of assessing outcomes. Collaborative workshops created unique, low-risk opportunities to brainstorm new ideas, pilot and peer-review course innovations, to reflect on scaffolding the learning process, and to think through ways of assessing teaching effectiveness. Achievements, as well as the wisdom gained from failures, were disseminated to the campus community through Engage, our blog dedicated to Teaching with Technology at Connecticut College. Read contributions from fellows using the links below. 


Cohort 1 (Spring 2014 - Spring 2015)

Ann Marie Davis, Assistant Professor of History - Read Ann Marie's blog posts.

Karen Gonzalez Rice, Sue and Eugene Mercy Assistant Professor of Art History - Read Karen's blog posts.

Anthony P. Graesch, Associate Professor of Anthropology - Read Anthony's blog posts.

Suzuko Knott, Assistant Professor of German

Joseph Schroeder, Associate Professor of Psychology - Read Joe's blog posts.


Cohort 2 (Spring 2015 - Spring 2016)

Virginia (Ginny) Anderson, Assistant Professor of Theater - Read Ginny's blog posts.

Leo Garofalo, Associate Professor of History - Read Leo's blog posts.

Luis Gonzalez, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies - Read Luis's blog posts.

Hisae Kobayashi, Senior Lecturer in Japanese - Read Hisae's blog posts.

Emily Morash, Visiting Instructor in Art History - Read Emily's blog posts.


Cohort 3 (Spring 2016 - Spring 2017)

Rachel Black, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology - Read Rachel's blog posts.

Candace Howes, Barbara Hogate Ferrin ‘43 Professor of Economics - Read Candace's blog posts.

Karolin Machtans, Assistant Professor of German Studies - Read Karolin's blog posts.

Wendy Moy, Assistant Professor of Music - Read Wendy's blog posts.


Cohort 4 (Spring 2017 - Spring 2018)

Joyce Bennett, Assistant Professor of Anthropology - Read Joyce's blog posts.

David Chavanne, Assistant Professor of Economics - Read Dave's blog posts.

Frida Morelli, Lecturer in Italian - Read Frida's blog posts.

Sabrina Notarfrancisco, Assistant Professor of Theater - Read Sabrina's blog posts.

Ariella Rotramel, Vandana Shiva Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies - Read Ari's blog posts.