Maureen Ronau

Maureen Ronau

Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Chemistry

Joined Connecticut College: 1989-2018

B.A. Niagara University
M.A. University of Notre Dame


Analytical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Maureen Ronau has taught a wide array of courses, including lectures and labs for Analytical Chemistry and Advanced General Chemistry. She continues to teach general chemistry and organic chemistry labs, coordinates the organic chemistry lab and the analytical chemistry lab, and has developed labs for these courses.

Maureen has taught a freshman seminar: Chemistry in the Kitchen.

Maureen enjoys advising first-year students as well as declared chemistry majors. She also coordinates the tutoring services for the Science Leaders in the Organic Chemistry course. She supervises work/study students in the lab preparations for the organic chemistry labs.

Although she has set office hours for extra help, she encourages students to pop in to her office for a chat anytime.

Maureen serves on the College's Compensation for Faculty Committee (CFC).

Visit the chemistry department website.

Majoring in Chemistry. 


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