Marylynn Fallon

Marylynn Fallon

Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Biology
Pre-health Adviser

Joined Connecticut College: 1979-2016

B.A., Cardinal Cushing College
M.A., University of Northern Colorado


Human physiology


Pre-health professions advising

Marylynn Fallon retired from the College in 2016.

As pre-health adviser, Marylynn Fallon coordinated the Pre-Health Club and organized the Lawrence and Memorial Hospital emergency room medical internship and surgery Shadow program as well as the Medical Board of Practitioners experience program. 

Marylynn Fallon was a senior lecturer and lab instructor in biology and served as pre-health adviser and chair of the pre-health advisory committee. She also served as faculty adviser for first-year students and biology majors.

She is an active member of the Local Area Association of Advisors for the Health Professions and the Northeast Association of Advisors for the Health Professions. 


In 2007, through these professional organizations, she met with directors of admissions from medical colleges, learned about new MCAT testing program and alternative medical careers. Participation in these organizations exposed her to medical school admission directors from across the country.

Mrs. Fallon was involved and interested in the following areas of curriculum development:

  • Development of undergraduate biology and human physiology labs that are interactive, self-paced and investigative
  • Learning new ways to design and implement innovative teaching techniques and new technology

She participated in curriculum workshops that included:

  • Project Kaleidoscope Workshop to promote undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Designing alternatives to lecture-based learning in math and science
  • the Human Genome Project, allowing general biology students to access the gene database

She was a member of the Hewlett Teaching Fellows Program that is designed to investigate the intellectual foundations of teaching and learning styles at the college level.

Born and raised in New London, Connecticut, Marylynn attended Cardinal Cushing College in Brookline, Mass. and earned a B.S. in Biology in 1972. She went on to the University of Northern Colorado where she received her M.S. in Biological Sciences in 1974. She began teaching biology at the high school level and taught for four years in the Newton, MA. public schools before coming to the College in 1979.

View the biology department website and the Health Professions Handbook.

My passion for learning has blossomed into a passion for trying to make connections between scientific information and our daily lives and sharing that knowledge. Understanding the connection between one's life in the world and the biology of life is an essential part of self-knowledge. Teaching biology at the college level allows me to help students discover themselves and hopefully catch my passion. I can't imagine a better place to be.

Marylynn Fallon

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