With funding from the College, your internship options are considerably broader. You won't have to settle for an internship that doesn't fit your interests or skill sets simply because it's at an organization with the resources to pay you. Because the College provides you with an educational award, you can offer your unique services to organizations that may not yet know they need them.

The Office of Career and Professional Development recommends you begin formulating your internship plan by networking, which we've found to be the most effective way of finding or creating the best internship for you. You can also use CamelLink and the career website as resources for your search, and you can search directly on the websites of companies and organizations in which you are interested. But it's important that you meet with your career adviser early in the process to strategize about your search plans.

Remember, you must complete all the requirements for eligibility in the Funded Internship Program, including attending the workshops and maintaining good academic standing. Internships must be for at least 300 hours, completed in the summer after your junior year at one employer.