Meals in the dining halls are "all-you-care-to-eat." Please feel free to sample offerings from multiple stations! Help yourself to 2nds & 3rds & 4ths…just make sure to return with a clean plate each time! (Dirty plates go to the dishroom window.) Take as much as you want, but please be mindful of the impact of food waste.

Dining Hall Access

It is imperative that your ID card be carried and presented at every meal; failure to do so will result in a $4 fine. This fine will not be waived by presenting your ID card at a later time. To enter any dining hall, you need to do one of the following: swipe your card, charge the meal to your student account, pay with camel cash, dining dollars or pay cash. A lost or stolen card must be immediately reported to the Camel Card office (Crozier Williams) so that the card can be deactivated in the central processing unit. You are responsible for the unauthorized use of the lost or stolen card until such a report is made. 

Students are welcome to have guests in the dining halls. Each full meal plan is given 4 free guest passes per semester. Reduced meal plan participants receive 2 free guest passes per semester. Students must tell the staff member at the door that they wish to use a free guest pass at the time of entry. If a student has run out of their free guest passes, payment at a guest rate can be made by using cash, camel cash, dining dollars, or charged to the student’s account. Guest meal rates are posted at the entrance to the dining halls.

Removing Food & Supplies

Meal contracts and guest payments entitle a diner to the food being served for consumption at that time in the dining hall. Food and/or serviceware may not be taken from the dining hall.  (You are however permitted to take one of the following items with you: a bagel, a cookie, a piece of fruit, or an ice cream cone/cup. In addition, you may fill your own beverage container of 20 oz. or less.) Silverware, glasses, mugs, plates and trays CANNOT leave the dining room. No Tupperware or "to go" containers are permitted, other than for a beverage.

Publicity and Solicitation

Dining Services maintains a commitment to the Office of Sustainability by not allowing table tents.  Dining Services does not allow advertising of any type within the dining halls without prior permission. In addition, table-to-table solicitation is not permitted. The Director of Dining Services reserves the right to approve exceptions to this policy. 

Conduct in the Dining Halls

The dining halls serve as important social centers at Connecticut College and students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the Honor Code. Being disruptive and/or throwing food is a violation of College policy. No alcohol may be brought into the dining halls. The Director of Dining Services, or any employee of Dining Services, may refer possible violations of college or dining policy to the student conduct process. 

We NEED your feedback!

If you can't find something, please see any food service worker or ask for a supervisor. (Questions about ingredients or food allergies should be directed to a Supervisor or Lead Cook.)

Have a suggestion or complaint? Please leave us a "napkin note" on the Napkin Note board in each dining hall and we will respond to you promptly. You can also email the General Manager at or the general dining mailbox at