We have several programs designed to reduce waste and support local farms. For example, we partner with the on-campus organic garden, Sprout!, to buy produce grown right here on campus. We've also gone trayless. By eliminating trays and educating students about how much food is wasted when their trays are filled, we've reduced our food waste by 16%!

Here are a few other sustainable things that we do…

  • We purchase over 500 items that are either locally/regionally grown or produced including local fruits and vegetables whenever they are available
  • We received an A on PETA’s vegan report card in 2015
  • All dining halls offer vegan entrees daily for each meal period; at Harris, there is also a Vegetarian/Vegan Station nightly.
  • We do not use any paper products or to go containers, significantly reducing the amount of trash created
  • We make our food in small batches, which reduces waste
  • Our bananas are a Fair Trade product (when available)
  • We use unbleached napkins in the dining halls
  • We use the Xpress napkin system, which reduces usage
  • We offer locally grown alfalfa sprouts, pea sprouts and bean sprouts on a regular basis
  • All of our milk is produced regionally
  • All of our shell eggs are produced in New Hampshire
  • All of our shell eggs are cage free and antibiotic free
  • We send our scraps to a local piggery
  • Our fry oil is picked up by a local company and turned into biodiesel fuel