The Connecticut College Campus Parking Committee formulated the following regulations for the safety and convenience of the College community and their guests. Everyone who operates or parks a motor vehicle on the Connecticut College campus is subject to these regulations. Please read these regulations thoroughly; ignorance of the policies and regulations is not an acceptable reason for the appeal of a ticket. These policies were last revised in February of 2017.

To register your vehicle, please visit the Camel Card Office located in the College Center at Crozier-Williams.  

Parking ticket appeals must be submitted online via the T2 Parking System on CamelWeb for Students, Faculty, and Staff. Visitors must obtain an appeal form from the Gatehouse.

I. Registration

All vehicles operated on campus by members of the College community must PROPERLY display a valid pass issued by the Camel Card Office.

A. Student registration

Students—with the exception of first-year students—may register one vehicle permanently for the academic year which must be owned by them, a parent, a legal guardian or a spouse. A current driver’s license, a current state vehicle registration and College ID or proof of fees paid MUST be presented to the Camel Card Office. There is a $150 fee per academic year to register. Sophomores assigned to park in lower campus will be charged a $100 fee per academic year to register. This fee will be charged to the student’s account.

Decals which permit parking in student areas on upper campus will be issued to teaching assistants, full-time graduate students, seniors, juniors, selected sophomores and RTC students in their last year of study. Decals that permit students to park on lower campus will be issued to selected sophomores and those students residing in Abbey, Winchester and River Ridge. First-year students are not permitted to register vehicles.

A parking lottery for sophomores to determine which sophomores have permission to park on upper campus will be conducted August 1 to August 15 through Camel Web. Only sophomores chosen through the lottery process will be issued an upper campus parking permit. Sophomores not chosen through the lottery process or who didn’t participate in the lottery process will be issued lower campus parking passes.

Decals must be adhered to the inside of the driver’s side rear most window. Processing fee for replacement of decals is $10.00. DECALS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.

B. Special permits

Students with permanent disabilities who require accessible parking on campus must obtain a Handicapped Parking Permit in your name that is issued by your state of permanent residence.

Students who have a temporary impairment should contact Student Health Services at 860-439-2275 for special parking permissions.

C. Temporary passes

Student vehicles that are unregistered with the College and will be on campus for a short period of time must obtain a temporary pass from the Camel Card Office. Temporary passes will be issued only for more than one day but no more than one week. Only two consecutive temporary passes will be issued per person. Parking day passes must be obtained at the Campus Safety Gatehouse located at the College’s main entrance.

D. Changes

It is the responsibility of the registrant to report ANY changes in vehicle status such as a change in state registration or change in ownership to the Camel Card Office.

E. Correspondence

All correspondence related to motor vehicles regulations violations will be sent to the individual identified as the owner of the automobile as well as the individual identified as the operator of the vehicle if a moving violation.

F. Parking Assignment Appeals

All students who wish to request a change to their parking location assignment must submit an appeal to the Parking Assignment Appeals Committee using the form located on the Camel Card Office website. Appeals will be decided within fourteen days from the date of submission. To submit your appeal, please deliver your completed form to the Camel Card Office or email COMMITTEE DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

II. Motor vehicle operation

Motor vehicle operators must obey the basic rules of safe driving common to state motor vehicle codes. Particularly on the Connecticut College campus:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Speed limit is 15 mph.
  • All vehicle operators must cooperate with vehicle identification check, when in effect at the Gatehouse.

III. Parking

A. Parking spaces

Parking is permitted only in those areas indicated in the blue or red on the "Motor Vehicle Regulations" brochure available at the Gatehouse, Camel Card Office or Campus Safety office. Parking is prohibited elsewhere, even in the absence of NO PARKING signs.

Campus Parking Map

There is no parking in faculty/staff spaces by students with the exception of the following times.

  • Monday-Friday from 5 p.m.-2:30 a.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday all day (Student vehicles must be removed from Faculty/Staff spots no later than 2:30 a.m. Monday morning).


Parking is forbidden where it creates a hazard, is a threat to safety, is a nuisance, or when it damages College property. The following are explicitly forbidden:

  • Blocking a fire hydrant or fire lane
  • Blocking a building exit/loading zone
  • Blocking a crosswalk, walkway or driveway
  • Parking in a posted tow zone
  • Parking on a sidewalk or unpaved area
  • Parking so as to create a traffic hazard
  • Parking in a designated handicapped area without permit
  • Parking on yellow marking or alongside a yellow curb

B. Student lot parking

Vehicles are restricted to parking in the area designated on the decal. A special 30-minute pass may be obtained at the Gatehouse for parking in student spaces on the main campus for the purpose of loading or unloading a vehicle.

C. Parking during vacation periods

Students vehicles left on campus during winter or spring break must be parked in the South Lot. Any vehicle that is left on campus during winter or spring break may be towed to the South lot at the owner’s expense. Student vehicles should not be left on campus during summer recess and are subject to being towed off campus.

IV. Visitor vehicles

All visitors should obtain a one-day temporary pass from the Gatehouse.

V. Motorcycles and mopeds

Motorcycles and mopeds are considered motor vehicles and are subject to these regulations, with the exception that mopeds may be parked at outside bike racks. Under no circumstances may such vehicles be parked indoors.

VI. Towing

A. Causes for towing

The College reserves the right to have vehicles towed from campus at the owner's expense under the following circumstances:

  • If parked in violation of Section IIIA.
  • Upon receipt of any ticket in excess of five (5) during the academic year.
  • If banned from campus.
  • At the discretion of Campus Safety when justified by existing conditions.

B. Responsibility

The College does not assume responsibility for damage or costs that may result from having a vehicle towed.

C. Cost

Any violation of these regulations that is reason for towing carries a fine of $45. Settlement with the tow truck operator and voluntary removal of the offending vehicle will not void or reduce this fine.

VII. Penalties

A. Moving violations

For moving violations such as speeding, disobeying a stop sign, driving so as to endanger, carrying passengers on the outside of a vehicle, etc., or for failure to cooperate with vehicle identification check at the Gatehouse, a $45 fine will be imposed on the offender. For driving on the greens and/or grass area the fine will be $55 with the possibility of a damage assessment being levied.

In addition, the first such offense could result in the loss of vehicle operation and parking privileges for 30 days (excluding vacations), and the second offense could result in the loss of the same privileges for the academic year.

A vehicle registered in the name of the offender is subject to the above ban, and the offender could lose on-campus driving privileges.

B. Non-moving violations

Vehicles not displaying or improperly displaying a decal will be fined $20. Vehicles parked so as to create a hazard (see III A) may be towed from campus at the owners expense (see VI Towing). In addition, a fine will be imposed. Other parking violation tickets carry a fine of at least $20. Upon receipt of ANY ticket beyond the eighth, the vehicle may be towed from campus and may result in the loss of driving and parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

The person in whose name the vehicle is registered is responsible for all penalties incurred by the vehicle.

Fraudulent registration or improper transfer, receipt or theft of a decal will subject the offender to permanent loss of vehicle privileges and to College disciplinary action.

Parking or driving on campus in violation of an imposed parking or driving ban may result in towing or a fine of $75 and could result in disciplinary action.

VIII. Appeals

The Campus Parking Committee, which includes students, staff and faculty representatives, is responsible for these regulations. It decides appeals of penalties and considers requests for individual variances or special treatment. Appeals must be filed with the Office of Campus Safety within 30 days of the violation. Any appeal received after 30 days will not be considered. Appeal forms may be obtained from the Campus Safety Office or Gatehouse. COMMITTEE DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

IX. Vehicle breakdowns

If your vehicle breaks down in an unauthorized parking area, you must obtain a Breakdown Pass from the Gatehouse.

X. Booting

The College reserves the right to have vehicles booted at the owner’s expense under the following circumstances:

  • If the owner of the vehicle is unknown and the vehicle has received five or more tickets.
  • If the vehicle has been banned from campus
  • At the discretion of the Campus Safety Director when justified by existing circumstances.
  • The College does not assume responsibility for damage if attempt is made to move vehicles while booted.
  • Any violation of the regulation that is a reason for booting carries a fine of $55.00.