Learning Strategies

Planning and Time Management Tools - In addition to planning and time management, LDadvisory is a great resource for many college-level learning strategies.

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Sonocent Audio Note Taker

Sonocent Audio Notetaker and study skills software is available to students with the accommodation to record lectures- Capture the class lecture using your laptop, highlight key points for review. Can add PowerPoints and text notes to create comprehensive notes.

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LiveScribe Smart Pen

Livescribe Smart Pen captures lectures while taking notes. Smartpens are available to students with the accommodation to record lectures. Audio records while taking notes. Provides the student with the ability to review lectures and add to notes so they will never miss important content.


Capti: Free text to speech software that can be used with multiple devices. It is one of many options text to speech applications that are available on the app store and google play.

Informational Videos from Connecticut College students

Read & Write Gold



Apple Accessibility (pdfs)

Visual Auditory Physical Learning