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Green Giving

Green Giving

Students, staff, faculty and alumni recommend earth-friendly gifts for the holidays.

Send us your idea and we´ll add it to the
list below!

by Arielle Shipper ´10

Original list from the print issue of CC: Connecticut College Magazine:

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CC: Magazine´s print edition

1. Misha Johnson ´08, Sprout! CC Organic Garden Club. The Omnivore´s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. A natural history of four meals. $15.

2. Lisa Brownell, Editor, CC:Magazine. Recycled magazine bracelet, one of many earth-friendly items made by artisans worldwide. $22.95. 877-266-8422,

3. Maggie Jones ´85, Executive Director, Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic, Conn. Enviro or Eco Sacks, reusable bags that hold up to 60 lbs. each. $8.95 each, five for $42. (860) 536-1216

4. Andrew Davis, Visiting Assistant Professor, Goodwin-Niering Center for Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies; environmental lawyer. Stuff stockings with gifts that save energy: CFL bulbs, public transportation pass, rechargeable batteries.

5. Andrew Davis. LED holiday lights use 90% less energy than conventional lights. 866-492-4330,

6. Jane Dawson, Virginia Eason Weinmann ´51 Professor of Government. Fair Trade Coffee of the Month Club. $22 and up. (631) 477-3671,

7. Jane Dawson. Climate Change Mug. Watch the coastline disappear when you add hot liquid. $12. 888-365-0056,

8. Stephanie Blennerhassett ´11, Sprout! CC Organic Garden Club. Teas grown and prepared on campus can be made-to-order and shipped. $5-10.

9. Amy Cabaniss, Campus Environmental Coordinator. Pens made from reclaimed hardwoods. $30 and up. (802) 453-2453,

Additional ideas:

Misha Johnson ´08, Sprout! CC Organic Garden Club. Burt´s Bees customizable gift basket with your choice of all-natural beauty products. $45 and up. 866-467-6444,

Misha Johnson ´08, Sprout! CC Organic Garden Club. Eco-friendly holiday cards with photos of you and your family. $112 for 100. 866-978-8547,

Jim Luce, Connecticut College Grounds Supervisor. Gift certificate to White Flower Farm, family-owned nursery in Connecticut. 800-503-9624,

Jim Luce, Connecticut College Grounds Supervisor. Memorialize a loved one in an earth-friendly manner by planting a tree on campus in their honor. (860) 439-2259

Katie Kozin ´03, former employee, Appalachian Mountain Club. Solio Solar portable cell phone charger, made from a recycled inner tube. $99. 877-989-6321,

Glenn Dreyer MA´83, Director, Connecticut College Arboretum. Real Goods sells many items for solar living; it also offers a gift registry. 800-919-2400,

Glenn Dreyer MA´83, Director, Connecticut College Arboretum. Membership to the Connecticut College Arboretum lets parents and alumni reconnect. $35 individual, $50 family. (860) 439-2144

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