March 18, 2021

Dear Members of the Connecticut College Community,

I am writing with a progress report on the search for the next dean of the College. The process has been going well and the search committee has now completed its first round of interviews.

The committee has recommended one semi-finalist from the first round to go forward in the process. They have also recommended that we try to expand the pool to include some candidates from outside the College community in order to have multiple candidates considered in the second round. We have now engaged the firm Witt Kieffer to help with this next step. This should take about four weeks.

The committee will then continue the review of candidates at the end of April and complete the search by June. You will hear more from the chairs of the committee, Jeffrey Cole and Michelle Dunlap, about opportunities to engage with the finalists later in the spring.

Once again, I am grateful to the faculty, staff, and student leaders involved in this search for their service to the College.

Katherine Bergeron