January 18, 2019

Dear Members of the Connecticut College Community,

The government shutdown that began on Dec. 22 has impacted many of us directly or indirectly. We wanted to make sure you knew about the resources and programs available to you.

Students who are experiencing a family hardship may contact the Dean of the College office for assistance. Staff members who are affected should contact Human Resources for information about loans and meal vouchers for Harris Refectory. The Employee Assistance Program is also available to faculty and staff with confidential, 24/7 support. And our staff in Student Counseling Services, Religious and Spiritual Programs, and the offices of the Dean of the Faculty and Human Resources are always standing ready to help. Planning is underway for a Teach-In, to take place early in the semester, that will explore the shutdown and its long-term effects. Details will be forthcoming.

Because the situation is drawing resources from our community support organizations, we will hold a campus food drive between Tuesday, Jan. 22, and Thursday, Jan. 24. You may drop off items at the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy (first floor, Crozier-Williams); the office of Community Partnerships (second floor, Crozier-Williams); or the Otto and Fran Walter Commons for Global Study and Engagement (first floor, Blaustein Humanities Center). All food items collected will be donated to the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Bank in New London.

Finally, there are several New London organizations offering resources to those affected by furloughs:

  • Webster Bank (CT) is offering an interest-free loan program for federal workers who are currently not being paid during the government shutdown, but are not eligible for unemployment because they are classified as “essential” workers. Visit a Webster Bank branch office to learn more.
  • The Chamber of Commerce has compiled a list of discounts available from local restaurants, hotels, and service providers.
  • The United Way of Southeastern Connecticut offers a range of support services in collaboration with community partners.

We welcome any other suggestions or ideas that you may have to support our local and extended communities throughout the federal shutdown. Please share them on this form.

Katherine Bergeron