September 8, 2017

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

Too soon after seeing the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Texas gulf coast, we are now monitoring three hurricanes, including Hurricane Irma, which has already caused catastrophic damage in the Caribbean and is expected to make landfall in Florida this weekend. I realize this can be a difficult time for people, especially those with family and friends in the impacted areas.

I know Deans Victor Arcelus, John McKnight and Jefferson Singer have reached out to everyone for ideas on how we can be involved in recovery efforts in Houston. With these new hurricanes—and the deadly earthquake last night in Mexico and the wildfires that continue to burn in the western states—we may be looking at a multi-faceted approach. Please be sure to share your ideas with Kim Sanchez, director of community partnerships, at

Please look out for each other this weekend, and remember that we have many people who can offer support, from class deans, Student Counseling Services and the Office of Residential Education and Living, to the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, the Dean of the Faculty’s office, and the Employee Assistance program.

Katherine Bergeron