Executive Board

Cheryl Banker, Chair

Ben Parent, Past Chair

Deb Dupuis, Vice Chair

Kyle Berg, Secretary



Paula Orbe, Academic Department Assistants

Jessica Hatfield, Admission/Financial Aid

Luci Chaplin, Advancement Division

Todd Radley, Campus Safety

Tiffany Thiele, Communications

Tina Forster, Dean of Students Division

Ann Schenk, Dean of the College Division

Erica Smith, Dean of the Faculty/President's Office 

Rodney Dumond, Dean of the Faculty/President's Office

Nikki Byington, Dining Services

Jeff Stefanski, Dining Services

Kyle Berg, Finance & Administration Division

Margaret Bounds, Finance & Administratio Division

VACANCY, Finance & Administration Division

Jeff Gada, Information Services/Library Division

Heather Romanski, Information Services/Library Division

Erin Duran, Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Tom Nazarko, Facilities Management

VACANCY, Facilities Management

Deb Dupuis, PPBC Hourly 

Sarah Cardwell, PPBC Salaried



Kelly Slack, Human Resources

Vacant, Retirees