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Opinion Pieces

The Day, New London, Dec. 8, 2013

Conn College president reflects on the role of liberal arts reaching from college to community

The Hartford Courant, June 7, 2013

Court Should Uphold Race Factor In College Admissions
President Higdon states in this op-ed that "Given the compelling reasons why diversity is critical on our campuses, the court should uphold its previous decisions that allow race to be considered as part of a holistic admission process."

The Hartford Courant, Jan. 29, 2013

Teachers Must Be Trained for Leadership
President Higdon advises that as we work together to find ways to strengthen teacher training, we must respect and value the important leadership role teachers have in our society.

The Providence Journal, Sept. 19, 2012

How to Operate Your Non-Profit Board
President Lee Higdon, who has served for more than 40 years on boards both corporate and not-for-profit, offers guidelines for cultivating board members as active members of an organization's strategic vision.

The Huffington Post, Oct. 20, 2011

Social sciences can lead to successful and fulfilling employment
President Higdon writes that the social sciences and the liberal arts are indeed practical courses of study for success in today’s global economy.

The Huffington Post, July 27, 2011

College Should be About Learning; Earning Power Comes With Any Major
President Lee Higdon writes in the Huffington Post that choosing a major based only on earnings expectations is a big mistake. He instead offers tips on choosing a major and college thoughtfully.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 13, 2011

How to Make Students Uncomfortable With Drinking
President Lee Higdon discusses some of the strategies he has been employing at the College to help curb excessive student drinking by involving the whole College community in the process.

The Day, March 1, 2011

Connecticut College honors New London for century of support
President Lee Higdon thanks the people of New London for their enduring support and looks forward to extending this positive relationship into the College's second century and beyond.

The Providence Journal, May 22, 2010

New Models of Alumni Relations
Today’s college alumni are savvy networkers. And by incorporating their alma maters more strategically into their professional — and personal — lives, they not only increase the value of their own education, they add tremendous value to the college from which they graduated, and to its current students.

The Providence Journal, Oct. 14, 2009

Getting value in your college pick
President Lee Higdon provides advice to parents and students on their college search: how to find the best fit with the best education and the best value in this challenging economy. He suggests questions to ask to determine the quality and value of a specific college’s education experience.

The Bergen Record, May 8, 2009

Higdon: For graduates, how to boost chances of landing a job
President Lee Higdon provides advice to students and graduating seniors seeking jobs in this tough economic environment. President Higdon reminds students they have much to contribute in the global marketplace, and encourages them to take advantage of all the opportunities for support their college offers.

The Day, February 1, 2009

An Optimistic America Supports Higher Education
President Lee Higdon is confident that higher education's mission will continue to garner financial support, stating that troubled times only heighten the value and importance of this education, for the success of individual students and for society as a whole.

The Providence Journal, November 30, 2008

Leo I. Higdon, Jr., Choose the Right Study-Abroad Program
President Lee Higdon urges students seeking an international experience to look intensively into study-abroad options and programs so that they may acquire the broader perspective that today's workplace requires.

The Providence Journal, May 18, 2008

Leo I. Higdon, Jr.: College President - Trustee Relationship
President Lee Higdon reflects on what it takes for non-profits to have a good and productive relationship between a president and a board of trustees: open communication, unity of purpose, mutual respect for the separate spheres of responsibility, and accountability for the chief executive.

The Hartford Courant, January 28, 2008

Liberal Arts Schools Are Producing Tomorrow's Leaders
President Lee Higdon states that college graduates who have experienced a comprehensive liberal arts program will prove to be critical to the continuing success of our work world and urges companies to seek them out.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 15, 2007

College Tuition: A Great Investment
As a former Wall Street investment banker, President Lee Higdon says it's important to remember what a student gets out of the college experience and what the college invests in the student. For tuition is not only a bargain, it's a great investment.

The Providence Journal, May 6, 2007

President Lee Higdon has come to the conclusion that certain principles apply to successful leaders across higher education.

The Providence Journal, Janary 9, 2007
The Modesto Bee, Modesto, January 10, 2007

Leo Higdon: Colleges with a Conscience
President Lee Higdon discusses the importance of volunteering and of choosing a college that offers service learning. "Service learning is a two-way street that builds a mutually beneficial relationship in which everybody wins," Higdon wrote.

The Day, November 5, 2006

The College and the City
President Lee Higdon envisions the College's relationship with the City of New London. "... consistent with our educational mission, the college will continue to be a good neighbor in this city that was so instrumental to our beginning and will be so much a part of our future."

The Hartford Courant, October 9, 2006

Liberal Arts: A Ticket to Anywhere
When parents ask President Lee Higdon about the value of a liberal arts degree vs. a more technical program, he tells them a good liberal arts education is the best preparation for any career - in any job market.

The Providence Journal, December 23, 2004
The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, December 24, 2004
The Reporter, December 31, 2004
The Greensboro News & Record, January 2, 2005

Memo to Parents: Post-Election Prospects for College
The recent congressional decision to reduce Pell grants for low and moderate-income college students is a clear and decisive action by Washington -- and it's a mistake. Why?

The Greenville News, October 17, 2004
The Post and Courier, October 17, 2004

Public Accountability: The College of Charleston's Economic Impact on South CarolinaFor Congress, the pending issue of institutional accountability for federal spending on higher education is fairly new. For university presidents, however, accountability has been at the forefront for a long time.

University Business Magazine, September Issue, 2004
The Tampa Tribune, April 5, 2004
The Greenville News, April 18, 2004

Preparing for a Tough Job Market: An Open Letter to Students
In Spring 2004, 1.2 million college students will graduate, said the National Center for Education Statistics. By 2008, that figure will double. However, the economy was offering few easy opportunities for that first job.

University Business, May 12, 2003
Tallahassee Democrat, February 18, 2003
, Knight Ridder Tribune
The Honolulu Advertiser, February 20, 2003
The Wilmington Star, February 17, 2003

Colleges must address shortfalls creatively
"As state revenues dry up even more, public colleges are facing a crisis. Even when the economy improves, more cuts to public higher education may occur, and reductions already implemented might not be recovered."

The Post and Courier, June 10, 2002

What the Arts Can Teach Us
As art collectors and music lovers, my wife and I have greatly enjoyed our first Spoleto Festival USA and Piccolo Spoleto festivals. And although we have always supported the arts, we've been struck by the palpable energy and excitement the festivals bring, not only to the arts community but also to the city itself.

The Post and Courier, May 21, 2002

Promise the Peace Corps kept
As commencement season is upon us again this year, an interesting piece of news is the fact that the Peace Corps is reporting record numbers of newly minted graduates are signing up.

The Post and Courier, March 3, 2002

Basic Business. Enron affair shows need to provide for an ethical education
What happened to Ethics 101? An ironic sidebar story in the Enron scandal is the fact that copies of the company's Code of Ethics are offered for sale on e-bay."

The Greenville News, December 23, 2001

Liberal arts education suits these changing times
With the economy in a post-Sept. 11 tailspin - manufacturing in a deep slump, corporate profits plummeting, unemployment growing and consumer confidence plunging despite the lowest interest rates since 1958 - many parents and students have begun to call into question the value of a traditional liberal arts education.

The State Newspaper, October 6, 2001

Now this generation faces its futureIt's trite now to say that the world changed for Americans after Sept. 11. But it can't be emphasized enough that none will be affected more than America's college students.

June 10, 2001, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Halt retreat of liberal arts education"
June 9, 2001, The Providence Journal
"Colleges shouldn't cut liberal arts"
January 11, 2001, USA Today
"Dot-coms: Neither devils nor angels of business world"
August 28, 2000, USA Today
"Golden jobs for interns, or brass handcuffs?"
July 31, 2000, The Wall Street Journal
"Discipline and Skills Survive all 'Fevers' "
September 3, 1999, The Journal of Commerce
"Growing corporate entrepreneurs"
September 1, 1999, The Boston Globe
"Technology's powerful impact on learning"
July 22, 1999, The Providence Journal
"How to see, then select, a college"

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