Every five years at Reunion, each class elects officers who serve as the executive committee of the class. These officers are: class president, vice president and class correspondent. Their primary responsibility as class leaders is to help keep classmates involved and engaged with each other and with the College. The Office of Advancement and your classmates appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. 


The Class President assists in keeping the class connected and informed throughout the years. The Class President also supports the other class officers in fulfilling their duties. He/she attends College-sponsored workshops and other volunteer events, both regionally and on-campus, and serves as a member of the class Reunion Committee.  As a class leader, the president will support the College through the Connecticut College Fund. Lastly, two major roles of the Class President are to update the class (with the support of the Alumni Office) upon the death of a classmate and also to write an annual fall letter that will be mailed or emailed out to the all members of the class. View sample correspondence here. (pdf).

Vice president

The Vice President represents the president whenever necessary and becomes Class President upon the resignation of president. He/she is encouraged to attend College-sponsored workshops and other volunteer events during term of office including Insights and Reunion. The Vice President also serves as a member of the class Reunion Committee and leads the process of electing new class officers every five years.

Class correspondent

The Class Correspondent organizes class notes for publication in Connecticut College Magazine in accordance with guidelines provided by the Office of Communications. He/She notifies the Office of Alumni Engagement of any changes in classmate contact information including mailing address, email address or other changes that come to his/her attention and also notifies the Class President and the Office of Alumni Engagement upon learning about the death of a classmate. Reciprocally, the Office of Alumni Engagement will notify the Class President and Class Correspondent upon learning of the death of a classmate and receipt of an obituary. The Class Correspondent also serves as a member of the class Reunion Committee. 

Other opportunities to be involved with your class...

Reunion Committee Chair

The Reunion Committee Chair is asked to serve as point-of-contact for the entire Reunion Committee. The Chair attends the College-sponsored workshops and other leadership opportunities during their term, including Insights and Reunion Weekend. The Chair helps to recruit a committee -- the larger and more diverse the group, the more effective and successful reunion will be. The Chair leads the committee in planning class specific activities and communicates with the class via letters, emails, and phone calls to encourage classmates to come back and give back.

Reunion Committee Member

Reunion Committee Members work with the Connecticut College staff to guide the planning and implementation of the reunion celebration held each June. Reunion Committee Members encourage classmates to return for Reunion, ask for an annual gift, and share the latest reunion news via letter or email. Members participate in conference calls and email group discussions to offer input, ideas, and suggestions about Reunion events. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates before reunion, and to help Conn at the same time.

Class Gift Officer

Class Gift Officers work with the Connecticut College Fund staff and act as liaisons between classmates and the College by communicating with members of their class and encouraging classmates to make an annual gift. Class Gift Officers play an important role in the overall success of the Connecticut College Fund and work with staff members to create a successful communications and fundraising strategy for their class. By writing letters, sending emails, and making phone calls, Class Gift Officers can help generate record-breaking class gifts and give everyone the opportunity to reconnect with Connecticut College.

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