Article I: Purpose

The purpose of the Connecticut College Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor those who have brought distinction to themselves and Connecticut College through their achievement, commitment, sportsman-ship, and leadership in athletics.

Article II: Membership

A. Individuals: Hall of Fame inductees may include alumni, coaches, faculty, administrators, or friends of the Connecticut College community.

B. Teams: Teams that are exceptionally distinguished through outstanding achievement or significant accomplishment may also be considered.

Article III: Committee

A. Membership

The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of the following members (with consideration of gender, class year, sport affiliation, and race/ethnicity):

Director of Alumni Relations
Director of Athletics
Sports Information Director
Faculty Member
Two Athletic Coaching Staff Members (one men's team coach, one women's team coach)
Representative from the Student Athletic Advisory Board (of at least sophomore standing)
Member of the Alumni Board of Directors
Member of the Athletic Hall of Fame
Three Alumni At-Large

B. Terms of Service

Terms of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee members shall be as follows:

Permanent committee members include: Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Athletics, and Sports Information Director
Each of the following committee members shall serve a three-year term (with a maximum of three terms served): Faculty Member, two Athletic Coaching Staff Members, Alumni Board of Directors representative, Athletic Hall of Fame member, and three Alumni At-Large Members
The representative from the Student Athletic Advisory Board will serve a two-year term.

C. Chairperson

The AHOF Committee Chairperson shall be selected by the committee from among the alumni members. Those eligible may self-nominate to serve as chair after at least one year of service on the committee. The chairperson's term is three years; and an alumni member may serve in that position a maximum of three terms (nine years).

D. Duties

The primary duty of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall be the annual selection of individuals to the Athletic Hall of Fame. Additional responsibilities may be assigned and sub-committees may be created as needed. Committee members are expected to attend committee meetings and Athletic Hall of Fame induction events.

E. Meetings

The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will meet at least twice per year with additional work carried out via postal/electronic mail:

January (1 st meeting w/ new committee, review bylaws, assess previous induction events and make recommendations for change)
April (review nominations, discussion of nominees, final selection of inductees)
Additional meetings as needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the AHOF Committee

Article IV: Nominations/Eligibility

A. Nomination Form: The committee will solicit nominations from members of the Connecticut College community. The nomination form should appear in the appropriate College publications, (including the Connecticut College Alumni Magazine) and on the web site. Nominations should be on the appropriate form and should be supported by accurate and specific information, including justification for induction. Self-nominations or unsigned/anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

B. Deadline for Nominations: Nominations should be submitted to the Alumni Office by November 1st for consideration for that year's class of inductees.

C. Alumni Eligibility: An alumnus is eligible for nomination at any time beginning five years after graduating from Connecticut College. An alumnus who has not received a degree may be nominated when five years have elapsed since the class he/she entered has graduated. The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee may use its discretion in exceptional/extraordinary circumstances for non-graduates of the college.

D. Coach/Administrator Eligibility: Coaches and administrators who are not Connecticut College alumni shall be eligible five years after leaving the college.

E. Athletic Hall of Fame Committee members shall not be eligible for selection.

F. Qualified nominees not selected for induction may remain on the master nomination list.

Article V: Selection of Inductees

A. A quorum (one more than half of the committee members) must be present for Athletic Hall of Fame business to be conducted.

B. To earn selection into the Athletic Hall of Fame, a nominee must receive a vote from two-thirds of the selection committee.

C. No more than four individuals (five if one is deceased) may be selected each year for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

D. In any given year, the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is not required to select members for induction.

E. The slate of selected inductees will be sent to the President for approval.

Article VI: Induction Ceremony

A. A perpetual display containing the names of all members of the Athletic Hall of Fame will be maintained by the alumni office and will be on display in a prominent place in Becker House.

B. A perpetual display containing replicas of the plaques given to members of the Athletic Hall of Fame will be produced and maintained by the Athletic Department and will be displayed in the Hall of Fame Room of the Luce Field House.

C. An Athletic Hall of Fame "keeper" plaque will be given to each inductee at the induction ceremony.

D. The induction will take place during Fall Weekend in a ceremony coordinated by the Alumni Relations Office.

Article VII: Changes

Changes to these guidelines must be proposed by members of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. Proposed changes shall become effective upon the agreement of a simple majority of the committee and ratification by the Alumni Association Executive Board.