Through close relationships with faculty who are both dedicated teachers and active artists, art students at Connecticut College gain exposure to a variety of artistic philosophies and professional practices in art.

You may experiment or concentrate in a broad range of studio disciplines including ceramics, graphic design, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Studios, darkrooms, computer laboratories and galleries are available to students and all are located in Cummings Arts Center.

Art majors work closely with members of the faculty; advising and refining of their artistic techniques often continues with a mentoring relationship beyond graduation. The College provides art majors with their own studio space with unlimited access. Introductory-level art courses in studio art are open to all students.

Campus art galleries

The are a number of gallery spaces on campus for students and faculty to exhibit their work. These spaces also host exhibitions by visiting artist. 

Beyond the classroom

Teaching beyond the studio or classroom often takes place on faculty-led field trips to New York City, New Haven, Hartford and Providence to see museum exhibits and visit artists at work in their studios. Oftentimes these trips are organized in conjunction with follow-up visits by artists and lecturers to the campus. The department sponsors changing exhibits in the galleries of Cummings Arts Center which relate to course work.

Visiting artists and artists-in-residence programs enable students to encounter and learn from artists and performers who are not typically accessible in an academic setting. 

View the Online Calendar of Events for dates of these exhibitions throughout the year.

Artistic careers

The studio art experience propels graduates towards numerous professional occupations with a broad range of technical knowledge coupled with a sound liberal arts education. Many Connecticut College art majors have maintained working studios and achieved widespread recognition with their work as artists, illustrators, designers, filmmakers, animators and teachers.