Interactive Poetics: Creativity Through Passing Mediums

By: Annie Rusk '15

Advising Faculty: Andrea Wollensak and James Lee

"Interactive Poetics: Creativity Through Passing Mediums" included two site-specific multi-media installations that, through moving poetry and interaction with the human body, highlight the physicality of artistic creation. The interactive poetic phrases were projected on the floor in Blaustein and Cummings and their movement was triggered by users moving through the space. Kinect, a motion sensing input device, picked up the movement of the user within the space.

Annie is an English major with a creative writing concentration. She is also a Computer Science minor and a scholar in the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology. She completed a ConnSSHARP (Connecticut College Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Research Program) funded internship as a research assistant to Prof. Andrea Wollensak where she worked with 3D Rhine/Grasshopper software.

Related Fields: Ammerman Center, Computer Science, English