Immersive Virtual Environment Exploring a Personal Campus Experience

By: Ray Coti '16

Advising Faculty: James Lee, Andrea Wollensak, Ari Rotramel

Ray’s project was based on the idea that an immersive virtual environment could be a way to understand experience through experiencing narratives. Ray’s project was a personal narrative that told the relationship between himself and Connecticut College similar to the way that graffiti and art are described. Ray wanted to allow multiple people able to explore and navigate the space to highlight that experiences are not isolated. The story is told through visual metaphors, and remnants of thought populated throughout the scene, as players interact with the space universal messages fill the sky showing that users are not isolate - a broadcast of ideas that everyone in the space can see.

Internship: Gender & Women’s studies research project at Connecticut College with Professor Ari Rotramel.

Related Fields: Ammerman Center, Computer Science