Chemistry Professor Marc Zimmer will lead a SATA program at Stellenbosch University (SU) in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This will be the sixth time he has directed a SATA program in South Africa. 

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, SU is one of the top 350 universities in the world. The semester starts in early February and the exams end in late June. The university offers a ten-day orientation program. 

There are few countries in the world experiencing the type of political, social, economic, and cultural transformation that South Africa is presently undergoing. A SATA program to the Western Cape will provide students with a unique experience. 

Housing & Cultural Immersion

Students will live in an international dorm at Stellenbosch University with South African and other international students. There will be field trips to different points of interest throughout the semester.


Professor Zimmer will offer the two following courses.

All students will have to take:

South Africa: No Easy walk to Freedom 
This course will investigate colonization, apartheid, and post-apartheid life as seen through novels and autobiographies of black and white South Africans. The class will examine life in South Africa as seen through three books that will compose the core of the class.

Students will have the option to take: 

Environmental Chemistry (CHM216)
This class will focus on Environmental Chemistry in the South African context.

Stellenbosch University offers various courses taught in English in the sciences, economics, psychology, ecology and ancient cultures and more. 

SATA South Africa is open to ALL majors. 


As with all SATA programs, student's financial arrangements and obligations, including the comprehensive fee and financial aid, remain the same as if the student were staying at Connecticut College for the semester. The SATA South Africa program includes round-trip international airfare, room and board and all group field trips.

Connecticut College students interested in SATA South Africa should contact Professor Zimmer and the Office of Study Away.