Connecticut College is committed to providing all students the opportunity to have a global and local experience as part of their education. To ensure that every student has equal access to academic opportunities, students approved to study away are still considered full-time Connecticut College students and will be charged the College's comprehensive fee, regardless of the costs of the study away program.

The College will pay the study away program directly for the student’s study away tuition, room and board. This allows students to:

  • Retain course registration priority, as established for their class year
  • Retain housing priority status for the CC Housing Lottery
  • Receive faculty pre-approval for proposed coursework
  • Have access to their academic adviser, class dean, Academic Resource Center and the services offered by the offices of Study Away, Career Services, and Student Health Services
  • Receive credit and grades for study away coursework, which will be posted to student’s official CC transcript by the Office of the Registrar.

Students are responsible for all costs not expressly included in the fee, such as airfare, commuting costs, visa fees, medical fees, personal expenses and optional field trips/excursions. 

If the student’s program does not offer a meal plan or only offers a partial plan, students will receive a credit on their CC account. This amount will be in accordance with estimates provided by the student’s study away program.

Students will continue to receive their financial aid while studying away. To ensure continued support, students receiving financial aid must make the necessary arrangements, including the completion of the CC Consortium/Contractual Agreement, through Financial Aid Services upon acceptance into their program. Qualified students can find program-specific scholarship opportunities through their study away programs’s website or other organizations. The Office of Study Away can assist accepted students.