This pathway currently has students from the classes of  ’22, but is no longer accepting new students. Please contact Dean Friedman ( for more information.

Explore diverse and contradictory definitions, narratives, representations, experiences and histories of bodies and their relationship to power.

This Pathway allows students to take an interdisciplinary approach to the inquiry of bodies and embodiment, their (her)(his)tories, frameworks, practices and methodologies. We will explore diverse and potentially contradictory definitions, narratives, representations, experiences, histories of body and what and who counts as a body.

Students will gain an understanding of the relationship between power, subjectivities, and individual and collective bodies. Through their studies, they will be inspired to become engaged citizens in local and global settings. They will become aware of the connections and differences between disciplinary approaches to the study of the body/embodiment and develop a critical analytical lens for examining the promises and limits of particular disciplines.

While students construct their own animating questions, some possible examples include:

  • Do all bodies work and feel the same?
  • How are bodies affected by power and how do they resist?
  • How are bodies presented and represented (e.g., technologically, scientifically, statistically, visually, narratively, biologically or aesthetically)?
  • What is the relationship among physical, imagined and/or metaphorical bodies?
  • How do bodies change and transform across time and space?
  • What are physical, constructed and imposed limits to bodies?
  • How do we make meaning out of bodies?