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 Short-Term Disability Leave of Absence with Pay
 If you are in a benefits eligible position, when you become medically disabled as a result of a non-occupational serious illness or injury, or are pregnant, you may request a leave of absence for a period not to exceed six months under the Short-term Disability leave policy.
 To be eligible for this leave, you must submit the request in writing to the Director of Human Resources for approval at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated leave. In an emergency situation you are required to notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
 Serious illness is defined as a disabling physical or mental illness, injury, or condition which involves either inpatient care in a hospital, nursing home or hospice, or outpatient care requiring continuing treatment or supervision by a health care provider. A physician's written verification of the disability is required.
 If you are out on short-term disability leave, you are required to use any accrued sick and vacation leave prior to becoming eligible to receive disability pay. There is a 15 work day waiting period before short-term disability pay begins. If you do not have accrued sick and vacation leave available, the first fifteen days of each disability leave will be unpaid, then paid retroactive at 60% to the first day of the disability. The College will pay 60% of your regular gross pay for the duration of the disability, but not to exceed a period of six months.
 Insurance and TIAA-CREF benefits will continue. Sick and vacation time cease to accrue during a time when 60% short-term disability pay is applicable.
 NOTE: Employees are not eligible for Short Term Disability benefits for unscheduled work time, for example: Academic year employees with unpaid summer break would not receive payment for this time. If the employee is still disabled when normally scheduled to return to work, the 60% payment of wages would resume until the employee returns to work or exceeds the maximum allowable benefit and proper documentation is provided to support the disability.