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Employee Handbook
Table of Contents
Welcome to the Connecticut College Community!
College Policies
Employment Information
Leave Benefits
Salary and Wage Policy
College Resources and Facilities
Leaving Connecticut College
Glossary of Terms
Hourly Administrative Addendum
Salaried Administrative Addendum
Campus Safety Addendum
Dining Services Addendum
Physical Plant Addendum
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 Vacation for a 12 month/52 week employee in a benefits eligible position is earned and expenditures are calculated with each pay at a rate shown on the schedule in the addendum. Accruals occur only when you receive 100% pay.
 Academic year (less than 12 months or 52 weeks) employees who work in a benefits eligible position earn 2 weeks of Paid Time Off annually. Each week of Paid Time Off is equivalent to the hours in a regularly scheduled week and must be taken during academic breaks.
 It is important that your department is appropriately staffed at all times. Vacation time taken must be recorded and kept on file in the department. You must submit your vacation request as far in advance as possible and for no less than a half-day period. Scheduling of vacation is subject to the department head's approval.
 When a holiday is observed by the College on a normal working day during your vacation period, the time will be charged to the holiday. If you should become ill during a scheduled vacation period or the College closes for any reason, the paid time off will be charged to vacation.
 If you leave the College, the available vacation balance will be paid out. Academic year staff do not have a vacation balance because the two weeks of Paid Time Off is confined to college break periods and must be used within the current academic year