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Employee Handbook
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Welcome to the Connecticut College Community!
College Policies
Employment Information
Leave Benefits
Salary and Wage Policy
College Resources and Facilities
Leaving Connecticut College
Glossary of Terms
Hourly Administrative Addendum
Salaried Administrative Addendum
Campus Safety Addendum
Dining Services Addendum
Physical Plant Addendum
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 Telephone Usage
 Short-term temporary handicap parking (one week of duration or less) can be obtained from the Campus Safety Office at Nichols House. To obtain longer-term temporary handicap parking (usually one month or less) contact the Manager of Occupational Health at the Student Health Center. Those needing permanent handicap parking arrangements must apply for handicap status through the State. Handicapped Parking Permit applications are processed by the State Department of Motor Vehicles. A permanent handicapped parking permit is valid for five years; temporary permits are valid for no more than six months. Your physician must certify on the application form that your disability or medical condition qualifies you to receive a permit. To obtain an application form, call the Department of Motor Vehicles Office nearest you.
 Employees are to keep both incoming and outgoing personal calls to a minimum so that business calls can be put through promptly and to prevent disruption of their work. Whenever possible, use pay telephones or personal cell phones for personal calls. If a personal long-distance call must be made, you are required to identify the cost of the call and must reimburse the College.
 Staff personnel needing a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) should contact the Manager of Wellness & Occupation Health located in the Human Resources Office at ext. 2793.