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Summer Work #4: Off-beat jobs around the world, close to home for CC students

July 11, 2003
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Bobby Brooks ´06

Bobby Brooks ´06

Building a Maine camp, using guerilla tactics to build a telescope, tracking birds who nest along powerlines, skating on thick ice, and uploading cargo onto oil tankers. These are just some of the things CC students are up to this summer. Here are their stories:

Fourth in the Series: Bobby Brooks ´06: Building a Maine camp

At least one student is, in his own words, "having the ideal summer."

Bobby Brooks ´06, is helping his dad build a summer house on lakefront property in Maine and flying a Cessna in his spare time.

Brooks, who is part of a family with a strong attachment to tradition, is assisting a contractor alongside his father in Wayne, Maine, building what Mainers call a camp about 50 yards from Androscoggin Lake.

"The house is only a few yards from another camp that my father built with his father and brother and sister in 1953," wrote Brooks by e-mail. "So, this summer is a wonderful chance for me to experience a construction project with my dad much like he did with his father."

When Brooks graduates from CC, he will carry nearly a century of history on his back. He will wear a family graduation gown originally worn by his great-grandmother, a member of the Wellesley College Class of 1910, and 22 relatives who graduated from college since then. Two gown-wearing cousins are expected to graduate from college in 2005.

The name, college and degree of each graduate are sewn into the well-traveled wool robe, said Brooks´ aunt, Lynda Brooks Crowley ´71, whose son graduated in it from Bates College in May. The gown has been through two other CC graduations as well as those held at Boston College, Princeton, Stanford, Duke, the University of Virginia, Yale, Dartmouth and Williams.

Meanwhile, back in Maine, Brooks is hauling lumber and shingle, putting up insulation and paneling and strapping as well as doing landscaping work around the new house, which is expected to be done by Labor Day.

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First in the Series: Ethan Powell ´04, coastline cargo boat crewmember

Second in the Series: Erik Brzozowski ´04, glacial research down under

Third in the Series: Maggie Gentz ´04 and Matt Frackelton ´04, researching birds "online"

Fifth in the Series: Doug Gobeille ´04, cutting edge astronomy

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