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Summer Work #3: Off-beat jobs around the world, close to home for CC students

July 08, 2003
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Maggie Gentz ´04, Matt Frackelton ´04

Maggie Gentz ´04, Matt Frackelton ´04

Using guerilla tactics to build a telescope, tracking birds who nest along powerlines, building a Maine camp, skating on thick ice, and uploading cargo onto oil tankers. These are just some of the things CC students are up to this summer. Here are their stories:

Third in the Series: Maggie Gentz ´04 and Matt Frackelton ´04 track power line nesters

For two CC students, this summer´s for the birds. Seniors Maggie Gentz and Matt Frackelton are tramping about the countryside looking at birds who call powerline rights-of-way home."

Specifically, the pair is researching the quality of these habitats in Montville and in the CC Arboretum that are home to, among others, Blue-winged Warblers, Chestnut-sided Warblers, Prairie Warblers and Brown-headed Cowbirds (nest parasites of the three warbler species).

Working with Robert Askins, professor of zoology, Gentz and Frackelton are "mapping territories and monitoring nest success … and performing general and vegetation surveys," wrote Gentz by e-mail.

Gentz said she may write a thesis on the data they collect "but because this is a pilot study we´re not sure what the numbers will turn out like so we´ll have to wait and see!"

This ornithological field research combines scientific research with environmental reference. "The impact of this first study will be to determine the presence and number of birds using the power line rights-of-way as habitat and the rate of nest success for these species," she said. "This study could serve as a model for future studies at these sites and elsewhere."

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First in the Series: Ethan Powell ´04, coastline cargo boat crewmember

Second in the Series: Erik Brzozowski ´04, glacial research down under

Fourth in the Series: Bobby Brooks ´06, building a Maine camp

Fifth in the Series: Doug Gobeille ´04, cutting edge astronomy

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