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Summer Work #5 : Off-beat jobs around the world, close to home for CC students

July 03, 2003
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Doug Gobeille ´04

Doug Gobeille ´04

Using guerilla tactics to build a telescope, tracking birds who nest along powerlines, building a Maine camp, skating on thick ice, and uploading cargo onto oil tankers. These are just some of the things CC students are up to this summer. Here are their stories:

Fifth in the Series: Doug Gobeille ´04, cutting-edge astronomy

Doug Gobeille is on the cutting edge of astronomy and feels great to be along for the ride. Writing from the Haystack Observatory outside Boston, he said, "I am having a great time up here, interacting with the best radio astronomers in the world."

Gobeille is working on several programs, including piecing together a Yagi-Uda Array to perform interferometry on the sun in combination with a small radio telescope (SRT). In other words, "instead of making one extremely large telescope, which has inherent size and cost limitations, it is my job to fake it, so to speak."

Summer reading, Connecticut College
He may be the first to attempt interferometry with a Yagi-Uda Array and an SRT.

"What makes this project tricky is that I have to do it with parts all found in common electronics stores like Radio Shack for the least amount of money possible, making it feasible for high schools and even undergraduate facilities to recreate my experiments at a low cost," Gobeille said.

In his free time, he is preparing to receive his cho dan degree in martial arts, the first of 10 degrees with a midnight blue belt. Gobeille will be the first CC student to complete such training through the CC Martial Arts Club. "It brings me a lot of pride," he said, "and I have been working diligently towards this for quite some time."

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First in the Series: Ethan Powell ´04, coastline cargo boat crewmember

Second in the Series: Erik Brzozowski ´04, glacial research down under

Third in the Series: Maggie Gentz ´04 and Matt Frackelton ´04, researching birds "online"

Fourth in the Series: Bobby Brooks ´06, building a Maine camp

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