All student, faculty, and staff vehicles operated or parked on the Connecticut College campus must be properly registered and display a valid parking permit issued by the Camel Card Office.

To register a vehicle, the requester must:

  • Complete the appropriate parking registration form available in the Camel Card Office
  • Provide their Camel Card
  • Provide an un-expired driver’s license
  • Provide a valid registration for the motor vehicle they wish to register

The Motor Vehicle Regulations section covers campus vehicle registration, parking permits, vehicle operation and the Campus Parking Map.

Anyone in violation of the Motor Vehicle Regulations is subject to a parking ticket. Parking tickets are issued by Campus Safety. They are also responsible for parking ticket appeals. Parking ticket appeal forms are available at Nichols House located next to South lot, the Gatehouse, and the Camel Card Office.

Any student requesting an exception to the Motor Vehicle Regulations governing student parking area assignments should email the Camel Card Office at with the reason for the request and details supporting the request. Students can also fill out and submit a Parking Assignment Appeal Form to the Camel Card Office. The Parking Assignments Appeals Committee will review the request and inform the student of their decision.  Decisions of the Parking Assignments Appeals Committee are final.  

Please note:

The Camel Card Office cannot accept completed parking ticket appeal forms. Call Campus Safety at 860-439-2251 for more information and hours of operation.